Search Marketing is strategic and offers financial flexibility which makes it ideal for any type of brand, large or small.

As Marketers, it is important to us to identify the customer journey and the touch points of research that leads to a purchase decision. Search is the one marketing opportunity to get in front of people actively seeking out businesses, products, or services. 

One great feature of Search Marketing is that it is results driven. You only pay when a customer clicks on your ad. The benefit of this is that you are reaching a potential customer at the exact moment their online research aligns with your business.

Paid Search (SEM)


Text Ads Only

Ad Extensions

Dynamic PPC (Used Autos) & E-Commerce (Google Shopping)

Shopping Ads

Mobile Focus

Why Use Graham Digital for your Search engine marketing?


Our SEM teams are Premier Google and Bing Elite Ads Partners. Our SEM specialists manage campaigns across the US and different business industries. This also provides the advantage of insights and case studies we can draw from to help our clients' business goals.


Our clients receive full-service campaign management by a skilled team. Each account is managed by a specialist that handles everything from setup, to regular monitoring and optimization.

Transparency & Tracking

Our clients' campaigns are fully integrated into their Google Analytics accounts. This provides transparency and access to metrics that can help them monitor everything related to their campaigns. We also provide regularly scheduled reporting and work with our clients to optimize their marketing strategy as needed.


We provide guidance and support and let our clients focus on running their businesses.

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